Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 Tips for Finding Your Chicago North Shore Home!

Chicago’s North Shore is filled with great homes in all different sizes, styles and neighborhoods. If you’re a first time home buyer, it may seem overwhelming to know where to start. You know the emphasis is on “location, location, location” and of course money always plays an important role, but there are other factors to take into consideration. Here are ten things to focus on when buying your North Shore home.

1. Location- No matter how tired we get of hearing it; this is one of the most important things! You can always make changes to the interior and exterior of your home, making it look exactly as you would like, but you cannot move your home to a new location. Be sure that the location you choose matches your desires for things such as schools, area shops, and work commute. Luckily, Chicago’s North Shore offers many ideal locations!

2. Situational Factors- Other than the location of the home, be sure to check out the other details of the location. Is the home on hill with a view? Do your windows look directly into the neighbors’ home? Is the yard good for pets, children or a garden?

3. Neighborhood- Does it appear that the neighbors care for their lawn and home? Is this neighborhood safe for you or children? Would you enjoy driving into your neighborhood each day? Although the home is where you live, your neighborhood will help set the tone.

4. Curb Appeal- Be sure to consider the home’s condition and determine whether you are willing to put in extra money if updates are needed. Reflect on the style of the home to see if it is in line with your style. If gardening is not something you like, be sure to consider the maintenance of the lawn and foliage.

5. Size and Floorplan- Although you want the most space for your money, buying a home that’s too large may not be in your best interest. Know your goals for the home, whether it’s a long term home or just a step to your North Shore dream home. Floor plan also play a role in how comfortable and efficient your home is for you.

6.Bedrooms and Bathrooms- Figuring out exactly what you need is a great start. You may know you need two bedrooms, however having an extra room for guests or a home office is a great idea. Be sure you’re comfortable with the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms- these rooms will get the most use!

7. Kitchen- The kitchen is the “heart of the home” so you want to know you enjoy the space! Remodeling is always an option, but is a huge undertaking and can become very costly.

8. Closets and Storage- North Shore homes can tend to be more established homes where storage was not on the top of the priority list. Check out the closets and storage space to see if you can live with it. Remember, there are always options of wardrobe’s or other creative ways to get more storage space in a room.

9. Windows and Lighting- Consider the amount of windows or light available in each room. If you need bright spaces, a home with only a few windows may not be the place for you.

10. Finishing Touches- Look at those special details that make the home stand out. While this is minor, it is still what makes a home feel pulled together. If you absolutely love the North Shore home; buy it. You can always make those updates later.

I hope these tips have been helpful! If you’re looking for a home in the North Shore market, let me know! I enjoy helping people find that perfect fit!

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