Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Boost Your North Shore Home's Value with these 5 Home Improvement Tips!

Owning one of the beautiful homes in the North Shore area is a great investment. Whether you’ve chosen Highland Park, Glencoe, Deerfield, Winnetka, Northbrook or any of the other great areas of the North Shore, you know you are in a quality community! From educational systems, to local events and from excellent dining to everything at your fingertips; Chicago’s North Shore is a great place to live.

If you’ve been a resident of the North Shore for a while, you may be thinking about ways to keep your home up to date and in top notch condition. Or, perhaps a job transfer or finally being able to buy your dream home is causing a need to sell your home. Either way, as a homeowner, you want to boost the value of your property! Below are five ways to enhance your home’s value and, while they may seem small, they can do wonders for adding to the quality of your North Shore home.

1. Interior Paint- A fresh coast of light paint can make all the difference for your interior walls. If choose colors that are too dark, the room will seem smaller and closed off.

2. Flooring- Well-maintained flooring can set the stage for your entire home. Whether you need to replace old carpet or wood flooring or simply clean or refinish the flooring; you’ll notice that flooring will make a noticeable.

3. New Windows- Upgrade old single-pane windows, can be drafty and ineffiecient, with Energy-Star quality windows. You’ll save on energy bills along with possibly qualifying for a federal tax credit.

4. Landscaping- Take a good look at your yard. Are there old, dying plants that need to be removed? Do your shrubs need to be trimmed or uprooted? Make sure your flower beds are edged, weeded and mulched for a well-manicured look. Fertilize the lawn and keep up with mowing and weed eating on a regular basis in the warmer months.

5. Final Touches- If your home appears dull from the outside, adding a quick touch of paint to the porch, decorative beams or windows frames can give it the facelift it needs! Powerwash or clean off any exterior brickwork or concrete.

I hope these tips are helpful as you spruce up your North Shore home! If you are just beginning to look into selling your home and don’t know where to start; please let me know. I can help you along each step of the home selling process as it can sometimes be overwhelming. I want to help you get the most value from your home and have years of experience in the North Shore Real Estate market to help you reach your goals! Feel free to contact me anytime. I look forward to hearing from you!

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