Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How To Choose A Listing Agent for Your North Shore Home!

Selling your North Shore home can seem daunting, unless you have an experienced North Shore Real Estate agent by your side.  They know the ins and outs of the North Shore Real Estate market and will be able to guide you through every step of the home selling process.
However, finding a North Shore Real Estate agent that you can fully trust to get your home sold in an efficient and stress free manner can be challenging!  As a North Shore Real Estate agent for over twenty years, I believe there are a solid number of real estate agents that will do a great job in helping you.  It’s a matter of finding the right fit for you, while also not being afraid to “interview” the agent before listing your home with them.
Here are some questions you’ll want to ask a potential North Shore Real Estate agent if you’re considering hiring them to sell your North Shore home
1. How Much?  The question the price the listing agent will want to sell your home at can be very telling.  If you’ve been told $500,00 by other agents and the agent you’re talking with says $600,000; you’ll want to be careful.  Sometimes agents will make promises of a big sale on your home in order to “win” the listing.  You’ll find that if your home is priced too high in the beginning, you’ll end up having to lower the price and your home will sit on the market longer than necessary.  An agent who wants to price your North Shore home correctly from the beginning is one worth hiring!
2. What’s Your Specialty?  Most North Shore Real Estate agents will have a niche market.  If you’re attempting to sell your high end home, an agent who deals mostly with first time sellers won’t be your best choice.  You’ll want to make sure your agent is a match for selling your North Shore home
3. How Will You Market My Home?  Marketing is one of the key aspects in getting your home sold!  The more visibility your home receives, the better the opportunity for potential buyers to see it!  Your North Shore Real Estate agent should be listing your home on multiple real estate websites, offer a visual tour of your home, and produce other online and offline marketing materials for your home.
4. What Do You Expect of Me?  A good listing agent will be able to give you advice on what you can do to help your home sell.  Unless your home is in perfect condition for current buyers; you’ll want to get feedback on paint color, appliances, curb appeal, etc... 
5. How Many Homes Are You Currently Selling?  An agent with a full marketing team may still be able to give you very personalized attention if they’re working on selling 15 homes, so you’ll want to know who they have working with them.  If they’re on their own, chances are they’ll only be able to successfully handle a few homes at a time.  On the other hand, if you’re they’re only selling client at the moment; you may want to consider their lack of connections and experience. 
Of course there are other questions you can ask regarding their selling record and testimonials from past clients, but these are oftentimes the questions sellers miss out on asking.  It’s important to do your research to ensure you’re getting the best North Shore Real Estate agent to sell your home!
If you are considering selling and would like to talk with me more about selling your North Shore home; please contact me!  I’d love to talk with you about your home, the current housing market and my marketing plan for your home.
I look forward to talking with you!

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