Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sell Your North Shore Home This Fall!

Can you believe it’s already August? It feels like just yesterday we were discussing the North Shore’s mild winter weather. If you are in the position to sell your North Shore home, now might just be the time to do it! With school starting in just a couple of weeks and the summer activities winding down, you have more time to mull over your options, get your home market ready and find the North Shore real estate agent that will make the transaction a success. 

While you’ve heard of calculated home staging and enhancing curb appeal, there is much more that goes into a successful home sale. As your Chicago North Shore real estate agent, let me walk you through some tips and tricks to make your home selling experience as smooth as possible. 

Have an Inspection: One of the best ways to show off your home is to have a professional inspection. While you have taken care of your home throughout the year, you never know what flaws (big or small) could be hiding. Having an inspector walk through your home will bring light to (or eliminate) the possibility of any major issues. Of course the buyer will have their own inspector, but having your own personal record is beneficial to the overall outcome. It will also show buyers that you are serious about selling and care that the house is in the best condition possible for its new owner. 

Give an Incentive: People love this. Think of it like a bakery – they may be offering two cookies for the price of one. You can apply this same concept to your home sale. Whether it be lawn or pool maintenance or footing the trash bill, there are plenty of ways you can offer a little something extra.  You can make the buyer’s life a little easier by offering a service to keep the lawn mowed or the pool clean. This can be worked into the overall price and will also set you home apart from its competitors. Your North Shore real estate agent can help you come up with a plan that will be beneficial to everyone. 

Find the Right Agent: This might be the most important step in your North Shore home sale. While many people choose to sell their home on their own, I think it’s best to seek the help of an experienced listing agent. Not only can they answer any questions you might have, but they will also be working behind the scenes to make sure the transaction is running smoothly.  They will help you study the market, get your home market ready, and of course, determine a fair and realistic price for your home. 

I hope these tips have given you some insight for your next home sale! Making sure that your North Shore home is in the best shape possible is the key to a successful transaction. If you’re in the position to buy or sell in Chicago’s North Shore area, feel free to contact me anytime. I would love to be your go-to-guide throughout the entire process.

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