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Tips for Downsizing in Your New North Shore Home

We’ve probably all made a few resolutions for the new year, and it could be that you’re visiting my blog because one of your goals for 2013 is to buy a North Shore home!  It’s an exciting time in the North Shore as we see home prices rising and more buyers and sellers entering the real estate market. 
In working as a North Shore Real Estate agent for over twenty years, one of my goals is to provide the service and information that clients deserve.  The North Shore Real Estate market can seem overwhelming, but having a trusted North Shore agent by your side can ensure a smooth experience whether you’re buying or selling a North Shore home.
For some of you, you’re hoping to downsize in your new North Shore home.  You’ve either come to a point in your life where the home you’re currently in is too big, or you’re hoping to simplify by choosing a North Shore townhome or condo.  Either way, downsizing in a home can be quite the process.  If you’ve lived in your home for some time, you may have storage filled with many items that have been passed down through your family or things you’ve collected throughout your lifetime.
I thought it may help to highlight seven tips for downsizing that will help you clear out, declutter and maybe even cash in on some of the items you have!  Take a look!
1. Accept that downsizing is tough- You’ll find when going through your things, there are some very personal items that will be hard to get rid of.  Whether a set of furniture passed down in your family or a collection of dolls from your grandmother; you’ll have to be willing to let go of those items that may not fit in your new space.  
2. Find trusted experts- If you’re planning on conducting a large house sale on most of your items; you’ll want to ask the experts.  You can stop by a local antique store or do your own search online. These are personal items so make sure you know monetary value before selling.
3. Call in an appraiser- If you don’t have any idea of what you’ve got, consider paying an hourly fee to an appraiser of “household contents” or “decorative arts” who will visit your home. The appraiser should be disinterested, meaning they shouldn’t be bidding for your items or working on commission.  This will help give you a better idea of what’s in your home.
4. Be wary of family lore- Just because grandma believed something was valuable doesn’t mean it is. On the other hand, family members may have something that they use daily and don’t recognize the value of.  The rule of thumb is to figure out an items worth for yourself.
5. Don’t throw out items prematurely- Many people throw out things that appear to be junk, but actually have extreme value.  This is where calling in the experts becomes necessary!  Throw away items should include things like old newspapers, moldy clothing, cracked everyday china, stuffed animals, bed linens and other items that take up space and that you know are not sellable. 
6. Call in an auction house- Auction houses will also send out specialists to review your household contents, and suggest items you might consign. While at an estate sale you have a limited audience and you set the price, at auction you can reach an international audience and the price can be bid up if you’re lucky. Some auction houses, however, will take lower-value items only with no reserve—meaning you must sell the item no matter how little is bid.
7. Donate and deduct- Bags of old clothes and rickety furniture you can be left out for the Salvation Army or Goodwill to pick up. But if you have something special to donate you might want to seek out a local charity that can use the item. Aside from the satisfaction of giving, you get a charitable deduction on your tax return—assuming you itemize. 
Interested in seeing some of the beautiful townhomes, condos and cozy homes currently on the North Shore Real Estate market?  Please let me know!  There are a number of great homes that will offer you the simplified lifestyle you’re after.
Please feel free to contact me today to begin your North Shore home search or to ask questions you have regarding the North Shore Real Estate market.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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