Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Home Values on the Rise- Don't Delay in Selling Your North Shore Home!

The fall season is a great time of year on the North Shore with beautiful changing leaves and crisp weather that makes you want to head out to the nearest pumpkin patch or try a new, autumn recipe.  For many, thoughts of the holidays are beginning to flood their minds and spending time with family and friends.

However, there are those who are needing to sell their North Shore home this fall and the end of October is causing you to stress out about your timeline.  As a North Shore Real Estate agent, I know that some sellers worry about putting their home on the market this time of year because it’s not the busy spring or summer season.  

Yet, the fall can be a great time to sell!  Not only will you have the opportunity to showcase some beautiful autumn curb appeal; you’ll be happy to know that the market is right where you would want it to be!

According to the recent The Case-Shiller Index, market values are up again for the Chicago metro area!  This marks the sixth month in a row that values have risen.  Housing values in the Chicago metro area are now at the February 2003 level and are 8.7% above August 2012.  With these increased market values, sellers can feel confident about potentially getting their asking price for their North Shore home!

Below are five other tips you’ll want to take into consideration as you get your North Shore home ready to sell!

1. Research- While your North Shore Real Estate agent will provide you with comparables of what other homes in your neighborhood are selling for, taking the time to do a little research on your own will help you prepare for what you can expect. Take note of home prices in your area and what upgrades those homes have to offer.

2. Fix it Up- You’ll want to know what needs to be fixed before buyers begin looking at your home. Having a “pre-inspection” by a home inspector will allow you to fix any necessary repairs so that they don’t come up in the buyers home inspection. This can help speed up the process once you find an interested buyer.

3. Act Like a Buyer- If you were looking at your home as a buyer, what would you see? Are there any updates you’d want to make such as paint, appliances or finishes? Acting like a buyer for your own home will give you insight into what you can do to make your North Shore home more attractive to buyers.

4. Make it Move In Ready- Today’s buyers have the option to be picky and many want a home that’s move in ready. Your home will need to have those key factors that are now considered standard in a North Shore home such as granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

5. Price it Right- This is a key factor that cannot be stressed enough. Pricing a home correctly from the beginning will help you sell your home more quickly. Your North Shore Real Estate agent will work with you to show you what other homes are selling for and to determine a fair market value for your home. If your home is priced too high, it will sit on the market and you’ll eventually have to lower your price. If you decide on a price that is the lowest you’d like to go, be prepared to offer buyers other incentives such as closing costs or a flexible closing date.

More than likely, you’re goal is to sell your North Shore home before the Christmas season.  If you’re ready to put your home on the market; I would love to talk with you more!  We can determine a customized home selling plan that will help your home sell in a timely manner.

Please feel free to contact me today to get started! 

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