Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter Maintenance Tips for Your North Shore Real Estate!

If you're like most of us on Chicago's North Shore, then you've probably been worried about the extremely cold temperatures this month and the effect that they're having on your home. While January can seem like an odd time to perform routine property maintenance, the difference between being proactive and lax at this time of year can have opposite consequences! If you've been curious how you can help protect your North Shore real estate from the harm that winter can cause, there are several tips that I relay to all of my clients. As a North Shore Realtor, I am vigilant when it comes to my property and my listings. Here is what you can do to ensure that your North Shore real estate is protected throughout winter!

-Insulate any pipes, particularly ones in attics, basements, crawl spaces or against exterior walls, to protect them from freezing. Many major home improvement stores offer DIY packages and materials to easily insulate pipes throughout your home. 

-Seal any leaks that may be letting cold air inside your home while allowing heat to escape. Leaks can commonly be found around dryer vents, pipes and windows and doors. 

-When temperatures plummet to negative numbers, it is always recommended to open cabinet doors below sinks in the kitchen and bathroom(s). This ensures that your home's heat will reach these pipes and prevent them from freezing. It is also encouraged to allow faucets to trickle during these icy snaps to release pressure in your pipes so they are less likely to burst. 

-Know where your home's water shut off valve is located and understand how to quickly and effectively shut the water off should you find yourself in a flooding situation. This will help to minimize damage by stopping the water flow into your North Shore real estate immediately. 

-While it can be tempting to lower the temperature in your home while you're away or at work during the day, it is imperative to keep temperatures at 55 degrees or above - Even while you're not home. This will ensure that there is sufficient heat throughout your home to prevent the freezing of pipes and other structural materials. 

With a proactive attitude and a sense of responsibility for your investment, your North Shore real estate can be protected from the worst of winter! Should you have any questions about buying or selling on Chicago's North Shore, please contact me directly. I offer many years of experience as a North Shore Realtor and am always available for past, present and future clients. 

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