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Carpet Maintenance Tips for Your North Shore Real Estate!

It's no secret that you'll find carpet in at least one or two rooms in practically every house around! From specialty carpets, such as Berber and shag, to the traditional plush carpets, this type of flooring is a staple in most North Shore real estate and beyond. However, even the most well taken care of carpets can eventually become stained and worn over time. As a longtime North Shore Realtor, I can attest to the fact that cleaned or recently replaced carpets are quite noticeable compared to their worn or threadbare counterparts. However, if you've been considering selling North Shore real estate this spring, replacing a house full of carpet isn't necessary! Oftentimes, a bit of maintenance and a proactive attitude can go far in livening up those carpets and ensuring that they are clean and appealing for potential buyers seeing your home. Here are just a few tips for those with carpeted rooms in their North Shore real estate:

-Blot stains instead of rubbing. Whether you're dealing with a tough beverage stain or a pet stain, blotting at the soiled area is key to ensuring that you don't accidentally work the stain further into the carpet fabric. Use a cleaning solution and gently blot at the stain with a towel, sponge or rag. Be sure to blot from the outside in, instead of vice versa, as blotting outwards can inadvertently cause the stain to spread.

-Use club soda or shaving cream on stains. Many people know to use club soda on particularly tough stains, such as wine spills. Start by blotting the stain with club soda on a cloth and, for bad stains, spray one part white vinegar with one part water and let it soak into the stain for about fifteen minutes. Rinse with warm water and watch as those tough stains fade with the extra care. Additionally, shaving cream can remove nearly any carpet stain! Simply spray the shaving cream onto the stain, let it set for about thirty minutes, gently wipe it away and follow up with the vinegar and water mixture if necessary.

-Schedule regular steam cleans. Having carpeted areas of your North Shore real estate steam-cleaned by professionals on a regular basis is essential to keeping the flooring appearing new, clean and fresh. Steam cleaning allows water and a specially formulated cleaning solution to penetrate the carpet fiber to the bottom, and is an excellent way to remove dirt, debris, built-up oil and grease, and other particles that can take their toll on your carpet.

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