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7 Furniture Arrangement Tips for Your North Shore Home

Making the Most of the Space in Your North Shore Home

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Arranging Your North Shore Home
It can be very difficult at times to determine the best configuration for a room to make it not only aesthetically pleasing, but also to use the space as effectively as possible. While we all want our homes to always look their best, furniture arrangement can become particularly important if you are trying to sell your North Shore home. Here are 7 furniture arrangement tips for your North Shore home to help you plan the perfect space.

Focal Point: Immediately determine the focal point of your room. In a living room, this may be a fireplace or television. In a bedroom or dining room, it may be a window or possibly even a of the pieces of furniture itself.

Prioritize: Start with the largest or most difficult to place piece first, and work from there. In the living room this is probably your sofa or the bed in the bedroom. Typically the largest piece of furniture should face your focal point, if the room space allows for it.

Measure: Especially if you are purchasing furniture to fill a room, measuring is of the utmost importance. Even if you have existing furniture, measuring both the room and all of the pieces that will be in it will be necessary for space planning. It may be wise to draw a scaled diagram of the room so that you can visualize the pieces in the room on paper before moving the actual furniture around.

Clear Path: There should be a clearly defined walking path through any room and around all furniture. This will make the room more inviting. Any major traffic path should have at least 30-48 inches of passthrough space, and minor paths should be no smaller than 24 inches.

Encourage Conversation: Seating should not be more than 8 feet apart to create ease in communicating between those sitting in the area. Chairs and sofas should be arranged to face each other whenever possible for the same reason. The easier it is to socialize in the space, the more comfortable it will be.

Create Balance with Variety: While variety will make the room more visually interesting, balance will make it feel more inviting. Equally varying the size, color, and texture of the items in your room will help you accomplish this.

Avoid Clutter: Put all the “junk” away. Piles of paper, mail, or magazines can make a room look messy and detract from its beauty. Drawer and closet organizers are a great way to organize clutter out of eyesight. Decorative storage bins can also be a great way to conceal things that need a "home" as well.

Playing with the configuration of your furniture can be a fun way to freshen up a space. Doing it the right way can make the space both more appealing and functional. When selling your home on Chicago’s North Shore, it’s a very good idea to look at each room in your home with a critical eye to evaluate if there is anything that can be done to create a more interesting and harmonious space. I have assisted many sellers in optimizing room spaces to appeal to buyers using these 7 furniture arrangement tips as well as others. If you are considering selling your North Shore home, please contact me. I have helped many list and sell their North Shore homes and would be ecstatic to help you do the same.

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