Monday, October 6, 2014

Brighten Up Your North Shore, IL Home!

Adding light to your North Shore, IL home.
We are all in denial about the inevitable. Winter is on its way. Sure, technically, fall just arrived a week ago, but living in the North Shore, IL area, we know that it always gets colder quicker than we’d like it to. Especially living close to the Windy City.

Just because it is not as bright outdoors than in the spring and summer months, doesn’t mean that your North Shore home can’t have be an environment full of color and happiness! Here are some tips and ideas for brightening up your North Shorehome.

Don’t be afraid of color!
Oftentimes people veer away from color in a home…feeling it will be too “loud” or overwhelming. Color can be quite the contrary. Using the “right” colors can create whatever mood you are going for. Warm. Inviting. Soothing. Invigorating. Leaving a home all beige or just one neutral color can make the home seem stagnant and gloomy.

Don’t forget the ceiling.
A ceiling makes up one sixth of the space in a room. Leaving the ceiling white is a good choice in some circumstances but you should not rule out adding another dimension to the room by painting the ceiling. As a rule of thumb, painting the ceiling a lighter color than the walls look longer whereas painting the ceiling a darker color than the walls gives the illusion of a shorter ceiling, which can create more of an intimate setting.

Don’t stick with just flat paint.
Oftentimes people wonder what type of paint finish to select. While the higher glossed paints are easier to wash off, the flat paints aren’t nearly as shiny and can create a richer look. But there are a variety of finishes that lie somewhere in the middle and can provide some sheen to your walls (creating extra light) while not being too shiny. Look for the eggshell or satin finished paints for a good happy medium.

Light fixtures matter.
In addition to selecting the right shades of paint, ensuring your home has plenty of light—both ceiling as well as table or standing lamps—can make a big difference in the overall ambiance of your home. Track lighting can be great for areas like kitchens or bathrooms.

If you are interested in North Shore real estate, I would be happy to help you find a home that meets your needs or work on selling your North Shore home.

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