Wednesday, November 5, 2014

North Shore, IL DIY Indoor Home Projects

DIY Projects for your North Shore Home
As the weather gets chillier quickly (boo), you may have more indoor time coming your way. This is the perfect time to turn your attention to making your house a home and adding some fun finishing touches with Do It Yourself projects. Here are just a few ways to add character and class to your North Shores home.

Putting wainscoting in some rooms in your home is a relatively inexpensive way to add character to your home. This feature is not something new—far from it! Dating back to the 1300s, the Dutch used wainscoting on the bottom half of their walls for practical reasons—to protect the walls from things like spurs on riding boots and chairs from leaving marks.

Today, most of us just think of class when they think of wainscoting. Clean lines and a crisp finish. However, it can also have practical uses today (though protecting walls from boot spurs is usually not an issue). Protecting dining room and kitchen walls from kiddo fingerprints and scuffs from chairs is definitely helpful.

Under the Cabinet Lighting
Another inexpensive project for you to tackle this winter in your North Shores home is under the cabinet lighting. This is not a project that takes a lot of time and can add so much light to your home. These lights are hidden beneath your upper cabinets. Not only is the light aesthetically pleasing but so helpful for kitchen tasks like dicing veggies or baking.

Crown Molding
Though this project may not be classified as “simple” because it requires some skills with miter saw angles, it is definitely worth all the time and effort. Crown molding is oftentimes a feature at the top of people’s remodeling wish lists and it adds value to a home in case you are concerned with increasing the home’s value for resale one day.

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