Friday, April 3, 2015

Choosing the best paint color for your North Shores area home

Selecting paint colors for your North Shores home can be fun!
Now that spring is here and you can actually open the windows of your North Shore home, you may be considering working on some painting projects in your home. Choosing a paint color can be a daunting task! Here are some tips on finding one that is right for the room you are painting.

Draw from a shade you enjoy in something tangible. For example, maybe you have a set of dishes with the perfect shade, or a piece of artwork, or an area rug. These are great things to draw a shade from and you can take these items with you to the paint store to help you select a shade.

Consider the mood or feeling you want in the room you’re painting. This is really important to keep in mind! If you want a restful, soothing feeling when you’re spending time in a room, you’ll want to choose a soft, cool color (for example a soft blue or green). If you want more energy or drama in a room, choose a bold color. Oftentimes people go with bold colors for children’s rooms because they are more “fun” but keep in mind, these bold colors can also lead to children being unrested and irritable so consider the child’s age and temperament when considering using a bold color. One way to add some fun to a room without dousing the room in bright color is to use a bold color on just an accent wall and have more of a neutral or softer color on the other walls.

Consider the lighting in the room. For instance, does the room have windows and let in a lot of natural light or are there mainly table lamps in the room, or fluorescent lights? Natural lighting shows the true colors of the lighting, fluorescent lighting casts more of a blue tone, and incandescent brings out yellows and warm tones.

Test out your color. Before painting an entire room, test out your color on an inconspicuous area, like a wall in the powder room. But realize, the lighting in the room you are painting will make your paint color look different than a different room with different lighting. So testing in an area with similar lighting or a small area in the room you will be painting is important.

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