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How to Factor Your Commute into Your North Shore Home Purchase

There are many great reasons to buy a home on Chicago's North Shore— picturesque neighborhoods,  great schools, a strong sense of community, proximity to entertainment, you name it! One factor that you may not always consider in your buying decision, however, is your commute. If you plan to buy a home on the North Shore and work in the city or in one of the surrounding areas, there are a few things you should note first.

As your North Shore real estate expert, I'm sharing a few ways to factor your commute into your homebuying decision:

Note the costs
Before you decide on the North Shore community where you will make your purchase, it's essential to consider the costs of your commute. The average commute time in the US is 25 minutes, but the farther away you make your home purchase, the more you will accrue in costs, including gas and vehicle maintenance. When you have a potential home in question, map the time from the front door to your workplace and then estimate gas mileage.

Browse home prices
Perhaps you currently work in Deerfield, but found the perfect homes in Winnetka and Glencoe. One thing you will want to research prior to deciding on a community is the difference in home prices. You will find that certain communities on the North Shore have higher prices than others, so do not hesitate to contact me to find the best area for both your needs and your budget!

Consider your work schedule
As I mentioned above, the costs of a longer commute time can take a toll on your wallet. However, if you have a flexible work schedule—perhaps you can set your own hours—you may be able to open up your options in terms of location and not worry so much about how long it takes to get to your desk in the morning.

Note your stress level
Does a long commute time cause your stress to go through the roof? Does sitting in traffic or behind the wheel for an hour put a damper on your whole day? You will want to ask yourself how you feel about that long commute time and how it affects your mental outlook before you decide which North Shore community to call home.

Ready to browse available homes on Chicago's North Shore in a place that makes sense for your commute? Give me a call today!

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