Wednesday, September 19, 2018

4 Reasons to Buy a Home in Glencoe, Winnetka, or Northbrook IL This Fall

Fall is here and it's a great time to start fresh in a new North Shore home! While you may think summer is the busy season for real estate, that doesn't mean your time to buy ends with the closing of your local neighborhood pool. Now can be one of the best times of the year to buy a home and I'm sharing four reasons why below:

Mortgage rates will rise
Mortgage rates are still near record lows, but that won't be the case for too much longer! 30-year mortgage rates have increased half a percentage point this year and are expected to increase again over the next 12 months. By this time next year, rates are expected to be around 5.1%.

Home prices will rise
If you've been wondering where Glencoe, Winnetka, Highland Park, Northbrook, and Deerfield home prices will go over the next year, the answer is UP! According to CoreLogic's Home Price Insights report, home prices will continue to rise at a rate of 5% over the next year!

You're paying a mortgage either way
Think of it this way— regardless if you rent a home or buy, you're still paying a mortgage! If you buy a North Shore home, you're paying your own mortgage. If you rent, you're paying down your landlord's mortgage! New homeowners will have the benefit of building equity in their home which can help build your family's wealth, while renters will continue to help their landlord do the same.

Winter is coming
Real estate deals are indeed made no matter what season it is, but you will want to consider the upcoming Chicagoland winter weather and busy holiday season! Decide if you would prefer to take advantage of market conditions now while the temperatures are still favorable to move to a new home on Chicago's North Shore or move homes with snow and ice on the ground.

You could end up paying more for a mortgage in just a few months' time if you wait to buy, not to mention deal with the frigid weather! Contact me today to get started on your North Shore home search this fall!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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