Friday, December 5, 2014

Making the Most of the Space in your North Shores, IL Home

Adding shelving is one way to enhance the use of space in your North Shores home.
Living in the North Shores, IL area, you are close to the city and may be a bit cramped for space. If you have a smaller living area, there are still a variety of ways you can use the space you have more effectively. The main thing is you don’t want clutter to pile up because this can make a small house look even smaller. Here are some ideas for making the most out of the space you have in our North Shores home.

Multipurpose furniture
When buying furniture, think not just of aesthetics and taste but also of function! There are some nice and even inexpensive furniture pieces that also have storage beneath them. For example, consider purchasing a bed that has shelves under it. Or when looking for an ottoman for your sofa or chair, keep in mind that buying one with a lid allows you to high blankets, magazines and other things in it.

Keep your entryway free of clutter
The area you enter your home in each day just beckons clutter. When you come into your home after a long day of work, you have your hands full with car keys, mail, children’s school papers, and other things you bring in from the car. Find a nice hanging organizer close to the point of entry from the home that you can toss these things in. That way if you cannot get to them immediately, they are all housed in one spot and are not in a pile on your kitchen counter.

Are you considering buying a North Shores home and looking for something with more space or better functionality? I’m an experienced North Shores real estate agent and would be happy to find you a home that meets your needs! Call me today!

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