Wednesday, August 19, 2015

5 Immediate Projects for New Homeowners on Chicago's North Shore

To-do lists for new North Shore homeowners are seemingly never-ending, even after the closing! They can include projects like shopping for new furniture, arranging your belongings, cleaning from top to bottom and even planning renovations.

However, there are more important tasks that need to be immediately dealt with after your move. Homeowners can indeed get caught up in removing things they don't like and skip straight to decorating, but these projects will be more important in the long run:

Reviewing the inspection report
These papers are typically filed with your closing documents, but don't wait until something goes wrong to search for them. The inspection report will outline issues with your North Shore home and it can serve as a timeline of what you should deal with first. If the inspector marked something as dire, it's best to start there.

Find the circuit breakers
As you move into your new home in Glencoe, Northbrook, Highland Park, Deerfield or Winnetka, you'll be flipping many switches to find out what they belong to. Take some time to locate the circuit breakers which may be clearly marked with what rooms they control. If not, have your spouse or friend stand in different areas of the home while you turn on and off different switches, then make notes.

Clean the gutters
If the previous owners of your North Shore home didn't clean the gutters, it's time you do! This doesn't need to happen on the first day you move in, but it should not go unattended. The build-up inside can start to rot or rust through and only cause problems for you when the rain comes.

Deal with other water problems
Did the inspector's report note any water issues like a leaky toilet or water heater? Make sure they are quickly take care of! A slow and steady drip from either of these can cause significant damage to the internal structure of the home.

Plan ahead
When you move into a new home on Chicago's North Shore, the last thing you may think to do is to plan for an emergency. However, it's better to be safe! Take note of exits and plan your escape route in such instances as a fire. Make sure your family knows how to get out and where to meet like the mailbox outside. This can also help as you arrange furniture as exits should have a clear path.

I'm happy to help you find your dream home on the North Shore this year! Whether great schools or proximity to shops and entertainment are important in your home search, we will work together to find a property that suits you!

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