Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Red Flags When Shopping for Homes on Chicago's North Shore

There are many features that can be easily changed in homes on Chicago's North Shore— paint colors, flooring and fixtures, to name a few. However, there are also a set of home features that can be more costly than you think and should be reason enough to keep moving with your home search.

Below are three elements that should raise red flags when house hunting in Glencoe, Deerfield, Winnetka, Northbrook, Highland Park and the surrounding areas. And when in doubt, it is always best to defer to your real estate agent with any questions!

There's a reason the real estate phrase location, location, location is so popular. Homes located near busy intersections, major highways, noisy areas or across from shopping centers tend to have lower values than similar properties away from the chaos. Be aware of the location of the home as you are house-hunting as even if you love everything about it, this is not something you can change and will greatly affect your resale value.

Lot placement
Older homes are notorious for being placed close to the street or on busy roads simply due to the fact that walking to one's destination was commonplace. Newer homes are often set back on a lot for more privacy and even afford North Shore buyers with more yard space both in front and back of a home. Consider the placement of the property on the lot in your home search and if it does not grant you the privacy you desire, keep looking.

Floor plan
You have likely seen many reality television shows that make knocking down any wall inside a home look easy, but the truth is, it can be costly and much more of a project than you realize. Depending on how you'd like to rework the floor plan, you may be required to install overhead beams to distribute some of the load. If the floor plan of the home in Glencoe, Deerfield, Winnetka, Northbrook, Highland Park is not ideal for your needs, it may be best to move on with your search.

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