Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What Not to Do When Buying a Home on Chicago's North Shore

Your real estate agent is indeed on your side to guide you through buying a home this summer, answering every question along the way. However, there are certain things buyers tend to do that can really throw a wrench in the process.

Don't: Change your mind over and over
Changing your mind help you at times— for instance, when you realize you'd be better suited for another home in Winnetka, Glencoe, Northbrook, Highland Park, or Deerfield, one with more square footage, in a different location, or with a different number of bedrooms. However, changing your mind so much that it's difficult to nail down what you're looking for in a property, or how much you'd like to spend, the answer could just be that you're not ready to make a move at this time.

Don't: Make lowball offers without reason
Everyone wants a good deal on a home on the North Shore, but that doesn't mean you can make low offers without justification. If you're offering considerably less than asking price because you want a bargain, chances are the offer is going to be rejected and you could risk insulting the sellers. You are more than welcome to offer below asking price, but keep your expectations grounded in reality.

Don't: Go overboard at showings
Showings are important to the buying process— after all, it's the time for you to get to know the property better. One thing buyers tend to do is show up with contractors, designers, friends and family, spending hours on end measuring rooms and critiquing every single feature. If you repeat this at every home without making an offer, it can be frustrating for your agent.

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