Wednesday, June 21, 2017

5 Mistakes That Can Keep You From Selling Your North Shore Home

Selling your North Shore home this time of year can be very lucrative given the number of buyers in the market and the little competition among other sellers. However, there are several mistakes that can keep you from selling your home successfully and in fact, let your home "sit" on the market for longer than necessary.

As your North Shore real estate expert, I've included 5 mistakes that will hold you back from selling your home in Winnetka, Glencoe, Highland Park, Deerfield, and Northbrook this year:

1. Overpricing
Every home seller wants to earn top dollar for their home, but overpricing your home from the beginning could have the opposite effect. Remember that even if your neighbor's home sells for a certain amount, that doesn't mean your home is worth the same. It's always best to ask your real estate agent about your value!

2. Not being flexible
If you hold firm at your price, especially if you've overpriced, you may not attract as many buyers as you would like. In fact, you will likely turn them away. Always consider making a counter instead of rejecting if you receive offers.

3. Using poor photos
As many homebuyers begin their search online, it is crucial to hook them in the first place they look! Your listing photos should be crisp, clean, and bright, highlighting your home in its best possible condition.

4. Not cleaning up
Clutter can instantly turn off a buyer on Chicago's North Shore. Before you list your home, especially before you take photos and allow buyers inside, take the time to clean from top to bottom. A buyer wants to envision themselves living there, not focus on your knick knacks.

5. Leaving pets at home
During showings, it is important to take your pets with you or make arrangements for them to stay elsewhere. Sure, you love your pets, but buyers may not and this could be the factor that gives them the wrong feelings when touring your property. Ultimately, this could cost you a sale.

Give me a call today with any questions about listing your North Shore home, your home value or how you can set yourself up for success!

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