Wednesday, December 6, 2017

5 Things Not to Do During the Holidays If You Plan to Sell Your North Shore Home

My recent blog posts have had a major focus on the holiday season— For instance, Should You Buy a Home During the Holidays?, Should You Sell Your Home During the Holidays?, and even How to Protect Your North Shore Home During the Holidays. This week, I'm continuing in the holiday spirit with a few tips on what not to do if you plan to sell your North Shore home in the coming year.

Below are five things to avoid as a North Shore home seller this holiday season:

1. Avoid damaging decorations
Before you climb up to the roof with your holiday lights and staple gun in tow, you'll want to remember not to do any damage during your decorating spree. Avoid any decorations that might put holes in the walls, marks on the ceiling or floors, or damage the siding of your North Shore home. While it is nice to add a festive edge to the neighborhood, home buyers will take note of these mishaps when you're ready to sell.

2. Don't display large gifts
The holiday season is indeed filled with gift-giving, but if you plan to give (or happen to receive) any large gifts, it's best to put them away while your home is for sale. Just as you wouldn't want your closets to be filled to the brim, creating the illusion that there isn't ample space, you don't want your home to be cluttered with large presents, including children's toys.

3. Avoid holiday debt
If you plan to buy a new home in the new year, it is important to avoid acquiring any holiday debt. Your chances of being approved for a new mortgage are much better when you haven't made any large purchases or racked up your credit card bills.

4. Don't buy for your current home
You may be tempted to buy appliances or decor that fits with your current home, but if you plan to sell and move in 2018, these items will have nowhere to go. As you check off your holiday shopping list, remember to think of your new home and not just the one you are living in now.

5. Don't buy a new pet
While many would love to get a puppy for the holidays, home sellers would be wise to wait until after their home sale to take in a new pet. The excitement of a new furry friend roaming about, plus house-training, and curious paws on carpet, walls, you name it, can easily make more work for sellers and turn away some buyers.

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