Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tax Benefits of Owning a Home on Chicago's North Shore

There are many benefits to living on Chicago's North Shore— and even more if you're a homeowner! If you own a home in Glencoe, Winnetka, Highland Park, Northbrook, Deerfield, or the surrounding areas, you are entitled to a specific set of deductions on your tax return. But don't get too comfortable with them, not all will be returning next year!

Below are five tax benefits of owning a home on Chicago's North Shore:

Mortgage Interest
As of now, homeowners are able to deduct the interest on a mortgage loan of up to $1 million. Next year, those who closed on a home after December 15, 2017 will only be able to deduct their mortgage interest on a loan of up to $750,000— a new cap. Those who closed prior to that date can continue deducting interest up to $1 million as usual.

Property Taxes
If you own a home on the North Shore, your taxes are likely built into your mortgage payment each month and you will be able to deduct those on your tax return. Next year, this will no longer be a separate deduction. Homeowners can take one deduction that will encompass their property taxes, state, and local sales and income taxes.

Energy Efficient Upgrades
If you've made improvements to your home, you may be eligible for the energy efficiency upgrade credit. While many of these credits expired after December 2016, there are still credits available for solar electric and solar water heating equipment through December 31, 2021.

Home Office
Work from home? You can deduct your office expenses and your office space on your tax return! There are strict rules about what exactly makes an office space, but the deduction is typically $5 per square foot for up to 300 square feet of office. Next year, the deduction will be eliminated for those who have an office to go to, but only occasionally work from home.

HELOC Interest
For those North Shore homeowners who have a home equity line of credit (HELOC) taken out in 2017 or before, you can deduct the interest on that loan, no matter what you used it for— college, home repairs, you name it. Next year, however, you can only use this deduction if the loan was used specifically to "buy, build, or improve a property," says the IRS.

I've shared North Shore Tax Deduction Mistakes to Avoid and now the perks of owning a home in Glencoe, Winnetka, Highland Park, Northbrook, and Deerfield. Give me a call today for more information about buying a home this spring or how you can sell your North Shore property for top dollar!

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